I've been told - some functions are better on traditional client/server centralized systems; others might end up running better as Dapps.

I'm a writer who loves They are a blogging platform that makes it easy to write with beautiful design. Most of you have probably read stories there.

But Medium must someday monetize, so ads or something else unpleasant is soon to come.

I'm intrigued by micropayments via Blendle, a new media platform with involvement from NYT and the Financial Times - they aggregate the content and users pay a few cents, per story read. But Blendle gets a cut, of course.

My dream is a mix of the Medium, user generated content with an upvoting system, and the Blendle micropayments model - ALL DECENTRALIZED so the writers get the money and there isn't a middleman curator. But I'm not well versed enough in smart contracts and Dapps to know if this is something that might work.

Imagine a world, where writers get the money directly on a platform that is totally immutable, uncensorable and democratic, where real writers can make a living (or just earn a few bucks) through micropayments via an ethereum fuled Dapp. No publisher necessary.

Any ideas on how or if a smart contract could somehow make this happen?

Thanks for any ideas - Ethereum has given me a headache by stretching my brain beyond its comfort zone.
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