Looking To Partner With A Developer On An Ethereum Course

PaleusPaleus Member Posts: 7
Hi Guys,

I am looking to partner with an experienced developer on creating a fully featured Ethereum Course. What we are aiming to deliver, is a course on Ethereum technology which covers the basics of how this network operates, the economics behind the cryptocurrency, and screencast video tutorials on how to create decentralized applications, use Homestead, use Mist, Embark framework, etc.

I am covering the economics aspects of this course, but I am not the most skilled developer. This is where you come in. I am looking for someone that preferably has experience working with all the Ethereum tools, has created a cryptocurrency on the Ethereum network and has experience creating and deploying smart contracts.

This position will be compensated for every high quality video tutorial submitted. The workload expected for this project will be to create around 10 video tutorials, each one on a specific aspect of Ethereum. Whether it be deploying a contract, setting up a wallet, or connecting a node to the Ethereum network, this course aims to target the wave of intermediate developers we are seeing come into the space.

If you are interested in learning more or have any questions, please leave them below or contact me directly.

Thank you.
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