Introducing New Money Project + SOLCERT Token (selling for Ether currently)

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It does not matter what currency community you belong to, we've all wondered aloud or privately to ourselves how we are going to get blockchain technology past the small crypto bubble and to a mainstream audience. In other words how do we get this technology past the crypto world and into the real world of everyday people like your grandma or co-worker who thinks Bitcoin's a failed video game. Yes that world no other crypto currency is influencing right now. Well the New Money project, has the answer. Started by founder Solomon Adekale the project plans to build killer apps and platforms around the digital currency aiming to provide a solid alternative for mainstream Americans. That digital currency is Sollars and $ense: Smart Money… or New Money.

We are aiming to be the iTunes of digital currency". And we have a great start in an industry ripe for disruption in America… Hollywood.

New Money: Hollywood's Revolution Will Be Televised

From this start in Hollywood and on KickStarter we will expand to other projects and initiatives
that use Sollars and sense to increase world demand and spur on positive economic growth.

SOLCERTS (token)
To accomplish navigating this road to mass adoption we want to maximize our independence of the old systems for funding. So we will be using crypto assets to fund ourselves out of thin air. This was a scheme successfully started by Bitcoin and greatly improved upon with pioneering technologies from Bitshares, Ethereum and emunie just to name a few. We will continue this tradition with SoLCerts (pronounced: soul-serts). We have created SoLCerts to auction off as a way to get early supporters to contribute and donate to our project in exchange for the token.

SoLCert Properties
Official Token - Represents a Future Sollar or 100 $ense today
Launched on OpenLedger as UIA (token)

Amount available:
10,000,000 (non-divisible)

Amount to be Auctioned:
8,990,000 (non-divisible)

Amount for Bounties/Strategic Partnerships:

Pre-Sale Period:
Two weeks

Primary Sold In:
Bitcoin, Ether, and Bitshares

Wallet Partners (OpenLedger)
Get Wallet Here

Escrow Management
OpenLedger Registrar CCDEK ApS
Contact Ronny at [email protected]

Use of Funds Raised
100% to KickStarter for Sollywood TV w/ Sollars & $ense
The New Money Project’s first product platform

Technical Development (Partners)
Cryptonomex and Muse Project
For KickStarter and Future Development

Learn More About SoLCerts (watch)
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

Pre-Sale Auction Tiers
Can Purchase in Increments of 1000 Up to the Next Price Tier(FIRST COME FIRST SERVED)

Each tier is the Price You PAY PER SoLCert in your favorite crypto-currency
1.00 BTS / 0.00001480 BTC / 0.0005309 ETH= 540,000 SOLCERTS available in this Tier
1.05 BTS / 0.00001555 BTC / 0.0005578 ETH= 450,000 SOLCERTS available in this Tier
1.25 BTS / 0.00001850 BTC / 0.0006637 ETH= 2,000,000 SOLCERTS available in this Tier
2.00 BTS / 0.00002950 BTC / 0.001058 ETH = 500,000 SOLCERTS available in this Tier
2.50 BTS / 0.00003705 BTC / 0.001329 ETH= 1,000,000 SOLCERTS available in this Tier
3.00 BTS / 0.00004444 BTC / 0.001594 ETH= 500,000 SOLCERTS available in this Tier
5.00 BTS / 0.00007415 BTC / 0.002222 ETH= 1,000,000 SOLCERTS available in this Tier
10 BTS / 0.0001485 BTC / 0.005327 ETH= 500,000 SOLCERTS available in this Tier
15 BTS / 0.0002222 BTC / 0.007971 ETH= 500,000 SOLCERTS available in this Tier
20 BTS / 0.0003 BTC / 0.01076 ETH= 500,000 SOLCERTS available in this Tier
25 BTS / 0.0003707 BTC / 0.01329 ETH= 500,000 SOLCERTS available in this Tier
30 BTS / 0.0004444 BTC / 0.01594 ETH= 500,000 SOLCERTS available in this Tier
50 BTS / 0.0007444 BTC / 0.02677 ETH = 500,000 SOLCERTS available in this Tier

Pre-Sale addresses:

BTS - ccedk.escrow2

BTC - 12MsrWqBFGt3g4NSciXGW56KLbh35Jm99w

ETHER - 0xef8c0106069be72b0b92184ebab893fa6dd0a3b6


Rules of the SOLCERT Pre-Sale ... .iu1qbnhqz

Purpose of Pre-Sale / Using OpenLedger For First Time / Development Partners / Risk and Assessment ... .cl1vj9wco


FAQs About New Money Project
All of Your Burning Questions Answered

[email protected]

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