Mist x WCF Windows

thiagohortathiagohorta Member Posts: 2
I made an implementation with class to make withdrawals from ETH.(https://github.com/LawrenceBotley/EthereumRpc-NET)
In APP test, Windows Console, worked perfectly, my variable is correctly receiving the txhash transaction.

However when I implement all the program that is a WCF that runs on (http://localhost:40115/Retirada.svc), it does not complete the task, and returns NULL me in the variable to store the txHash.

Note: The unlock command returned true before releasing the shipment.

My geth is running with the following parameters:
geth --rpc --rpcapi "admin, db, eth, debug, miner, net, shh, txpool, personal, web3" --rpcaddr "" --rpccorsdomain "*" /

Does anyone have any ideas?
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