eth_sendTransaction JSON-RPC returns response: account locked.

LuisGIIILuisGIII Guadalajara, MexicoMember Posts: 1
Hello everybody,

well I'm new to Ethereum and I'm building an app using JSON-RPC.
I've been studying the Ethereum gitbook and I'm managing fairly well with it :-)

But here comes the problem, I'm trying to do a transaction from an address created on my Geth Mac client. This address has a password.
After I tried to do the transaction I received a response from the JSON Object that the account is locked, therefore I can't transfer funds :-(.

As a noob in Ethereum, what I proceeded to do was to unlock the address on my Mac client
and then import this account to where I'm working now (a Linux machine without geth). So I did that, and again the response was that the account was locked...

Is there any way to do transactions without having the geth client in your dev PC/server?
I would appreciate your response :-)!

Thank you very much in advance!
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