Forever successful

Back to Ethereum transaction processing. There are two different views on a successful transaction - one is your application view and another is Ethereum view. Unfortunately for us these views are absolutely different. The failure in your application when your decided to rollback current transaction in the view of Ethereum is great success :smile:

“... The execution of a valid transaction begins with an irrevocable change made to the state: the nonce of the account of the sender, S (T ), is incremented by one and the balance is reduced by part of the up-front cost, Tg * Tp . The gas available for the proceeding computation, g, is defined as Tg − g0. The computation, whether contract creation or a message call, results in an eventual state (which may legally be equivalent to the current state), the change to which is deterministic and never invalid: there can be no invalid transactions from this point.”

So, if you have decided to rollback you will lose GasLimit * GasPrice and what is most important it's not possible to understand from transaction history it was grand failure or great success...
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