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  • kentankentan Member Posts: 85
    Looks like stats reporting is down. Anyone has th same issue?
  • DimitiiDimitii Member Posts: 1
    Hello, a couple of times sent to the mail fake sites such as and I found a browser plug-in with a site ranking check on one forum ... Link
    can anyone come in handy)))
  • tstriketstrike Member Posts: 22
    Is anyone else noticing the mayor delay in hashes being processed in payouts?

    When i look in my Shares stats, if i'm correct, the thicker blue lines represent the payed out hashes, the thinner lines represent the not-yet paid shares.

    When i first started mining on Ethermine a few weeks ago, the processing lagged 2-3 hours after the current time. However, since about a week payout processing is lagging about 19 hours! What's going on? Why is processing the shares taking so long? Does anyone else has this problem?

  • coldiecoldie Member Posts: 33
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    Hi , i posted this already in the mining forum but i got no answer so far. Please help me with this

    So i mine on ethermine and for a while everything went well, and decided to make a separate miner.I bought all the neccesarry equipment motherboard, cpu etc. and after puting it together, i went to a friend to help me with all the necessary instalations for the operating system.We installed windows 7 with all the necessary drivers.I copied the claymoreminer folder with all the settings from my other HDD to the new SSD.In my friends house claymoreminer connected to pool and it worked just as it worked on the old miner.So i took it home and decided to install it there.

    In my home i have 2 wireless routers.One is at the ground floor and a second one is a the first floor.I bought a lan cable and wanted to connect the wireless router at the first floor with the miner through the lan cable.So i put the miner near the router and connected it with the cable.

    I established a new connection and internet works now on the miner.I also installed Teamviewer to remotelly access it from my main station.
    The problem is claymoreminer doesn't connect to ethermine anymore.I can'f figure it out why.At my friends house the miner was also connected with the cable to a wireless router.Was almost the same setting and it worked and here at my home it doesn't.

    I get this message in the claymoreminer:

    ETH:Stratum - connecting to '' <> port 4444
    Stratum - Cannot connect to
    Stratum - Failed to connect, retry in 20 sec....

    I tried to change address to US and Asia, and also change the port to 14444, 3333 etc.And everything gives the same result.
    Please help me i can't seem to figure this problem out.

    L.E:Just tried to connect to nanopool and i get the same error as on ethermine.

    What is wrong?Could my internet be the problem?Its is weird because internet work ok.
    Could the fact that i connected the miner with a cable to the wireless router somehow block the connection to the pools?

    I mention that i mined with no problem on the other miner on wireless connection.
    What should i do ?what should i try or test to see where lies the problem?
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  • theonektheonek Member Posts: 94
    it's the wireless connection and the new router. Recently stumbled on that problem, when i had to change the home is going, like browsing and torrents, but when you run claymore and it won't connect...
  • adiman73adiman73 Member Posts: 2
    I have one problem with my rig. I keep getting this error: “Socket was closed remotely (by pool) eth connection lost retry in 20 sec…” My rig is on cable not wifi. It works for 20h straigth but then i keep getting this errors and it cant connect for 1-2h. After that, when it finaly connects it works for 20-22h straight.

    Why is this happening?
  • SiilaSiila Member Posts: 38
    Since around Block 4914400, it seem we gain less Ether as we can see on thoses screen shot:

    Is it related to what happen 14 hours ago on asia server?

    Will it back to normal & when? (Or is it the new normal?)

    Tank you for any answer, have a great day :)

  • OliviaBellOliviaBell Member Posts: 4
    Before you get hardware make sure you have Ethereum mining software, an Ether mining pool, and an Ethereum hardware wallet for secure storage of Ether. If you just want Ether then just buy Ethereum. Mining has a lot of setup costs and some technical knowledge is required.
  • cidmocidmo Member Posts: 446 ✭✭✭
    stale share started rocketing today
    almost every miner has 10%+ stale shares
    if i remember right ethermine stopped paying stale shares?
    anyone help me with this

    either way for now i gotta move hash to a place where im not getting so many stale shares
    cant afford the potential loss when the market is like it is
  • miningbraminingbra Member Posts: 8
    Yup, i'm having a stale shares rocketing too, around 10% almost. I thought it was just my rig problem, but everything is working fine. Does anyone know what's wrong with the pool?
  • SiilaSiila Member Posts: 38
    Graphical income & stale share rate is back to normal on my side, 3% vs 5-6%. Good Job ! ;)
  • EthergrabEthergrab Member Posts: 15
    Whatever happened to the weekly payouts. I have had a balance in my account since early December. I was hoping it would pay it out automatically......
  • RealhelpincRealhelpinc Member Posts: 2
    Up until January 7th we were making the .05 minimum in 22 hrs on so we added 2 more GPU's to a new rig and ever since then we have been losing time. Within 5 days without any other changes our payouts dropped to 26-27 hrs. and I was up between 9 and 15% stale shares. We've been chasing our tails to try and figure out what happened, I expected over time to see it decline...any tips as to why the sudden change would be greatly appreciated!! and if you have tips on where else to mine I'd be happy for those too :blush:
  • SiilaSiila Member Posts: 38
    @Realhelpinc, nothing to do with the pool, its the difficulty:
  • RealhelpincRealhelpinc Member Posts: 2
  • SummerJamSummerJam Member Posts: 8
    This service has a nice statistics interface and a small percentage of income tax, only 0.5%.
    This pool is not overloaded with large miners. The minimum payment is 0.05 ETH by default. It will help you not to overpay in 2, or even 6 times, for a quality service.
    All statistics can be found on the site of the pool.
  • miningbraminingbra Member Posts: 8
    is it just me or ethermine stale shares raised again? i have almost 10-15 stales every 150-170 shares
  • EthergrabEthergrab Member Posts: 15
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    Tired of stale shares. Make the switch!

    I would like to offer a bonus to those contributors that help the pool mine it's first block. This bonus will come out of my personal wallet to help get things going.

    Now let's get this pool rolling!

    Thank you for the consideration.
    Ethergrab team
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  • theonektheonek Member Posts: 94
    and again eu1 pool doesn't account the working miners... strange thing it has happened a week before - miners are working, pool doesn't account them....
  • acheroncycacheroncyc Member Posts: 4
    I have a question regarding payouts on etheremine.

    I had set the minimun payout thereshold at 0.2 ETH which with my current equipment meant a payout around every 2 weeks.

    With the changes made to the payout settings where payout happen regardless of thereshold every 8 days, it meant I would get a payout at around 0.1 ETH or 50% of the unpaid balance.

    Thing is, for the past few week, I've noticed that the Unpaid Balance % has dropped in the same 1-week timeframe. Usually by this time of the week, the unpaid balance would sit at around 30 or so %, but right now it is sitting at 20% and it is apparent the amout that will be paid by the end of the period will far less than the previous times.

    Is this related to the difficulty increase natural to Ethereum, a degradation of GPU performance(it has been a fairly stable 104 MH/S 24H Effective hashrate all week log with not that many stale shares), problems with the pool or something else?.
  • Ericjh801Ericjh801 Utah, USAMember Posts: 371 ✭✭✭
    100% because of difficulty increase. It's been crazy lately so everyone is getting less now. I was getting .12 a day and now getting .10 a day with 1.3ghs.
  • cidmocidmo Member Posts: 446 ✭✭✭

    fix ur pool
    this only happens when ur having issues with something
    and its costing us a lot
  • SiilaSiila Member Posts: 38
    Why did we loose average 24 of each rig on the main page of our wallet? Its a major loose!
    Please re show it cause we loose too much time to click on each rig to see his average 24.
  • rigproxyrigproxy Member Posts: 26
    For those who have high number of stale shares, it is probably due to your time to get job and time to deliver shares. You may try service with ethermine and see what happens :)
    If you have not static IP given by your provider, contact me (pm or email : admin [ a t ] rigproxy [ d o t ] com)
  • goodproductssoftgoodproductssoft Member Posts: 4
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    Ethermine Monitor & Notifications - Eth & Etc Pool
    Ethermine Monitor & Notifications is generic application for checking status on Ethermine ( 
    - Check your current Hashrate, Balance, Workers, Next payouts, Chart,...
    - Support both ETH & ETC
    - Notification when worker offline
    - Ethermine dashboard & settings

    Flypool Zcash -

    Ethpool -
  • ethmypoolethmypool Member Posts: 12
    ICODA said:

    If my computer shuts off or reboots, do i loose all progress?

    When you mine, your shares are kept track of by the pool. So if your computer shuts down, once you reconnect to the pool, you will start earning shares again.
  • eFiJyeFiJy Member Posts: 7
    Is it possible to be rewarded a full ETH on ethermine? Or I didn't understand the luck part exactly...
  • PitterPitter Member Posts: 12
    The way I'm approaching this, although I could be completely wrong, that crypto is the future in some capacity, shape, size or form. So, in a long term the outlook, based on that notion, is bright.. . . . Short term however is just too volatile and uncertain.
  • jarak007jarak007 Member Posts: 3
    According to CoinReview ETH is worth around $300 at the moment. Is it still worth mining?
  • BikuyBikuy Member Posts: 36
    Dimitii said:

    Hello, a couple of times sent to the mail fake sites such as and imageI found a browser plug-in with a site ranking check on one forum ... Link
    can anyone come in handy)))

    It did indeed come handy. Thanks!
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