So 250 max validators - is that enough? And what about inflation? would PoS mean permenent inflation

I'm a bit new to the technical side of ethers and i thought i might ask is the new PoS system they wanted to implement only has max of 250 validators, some comments on the blog post site got me worried a bit...

Also regarding the inflation... so ether will pretty much have unlimited supply? that just doesn't sound good no matter whats the inflation rate... people like the idea of limited supply, which is why bitcoin is worth so much now from so little.


  • nicknoxxnicknoxx Member Posts: 1
    There will be inflation. How much will depend on how many people stake. If the absolute maximum stake, inflation will be about 8% BUT this will decrease every year as the total number of coins rise. Eventually more coins will be lost to attrition than will be created by staking.
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