Ideas because I really like this project. So I'm just going to type them here

ConstantineConstantine Member Posts: 2
I know HTML CSS and Java. A lot of the technicalities of modern coding has never been taught to me as I have largely lived out of a backpack for years.. Anyways with that in the past it is worth mention that I'm just here to post ideas in hopes that it sparks an idea in a developer. Or it flutters away in the breeze, better here than nowhere.

Getting property and operating as a community garden via blockchain membership?
-Blockchain membership to get.

An SVG Map interactive and shit would be cool.
More of those local sales and contracting for Solar projects in that map would be sweet.

How would an atm card make ether accessible and tradeable..? Like engraved qr codes and a camera app.
or one of those static hard drives for coin and a small gui? Idk anything like that out there?

Those power solar grids could easily be a business in coastal cities where the water table is accessible. Same concept.

Do Get a bunch of contractors to let you build an app and find work for them.

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