Auto request % of Ether to multiple wallets after lock period

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I'm trying to modify the below source code to do something like this:

Is it possible to compile in the context of the code a way to have this so that when the lock period ends, that x% will split into the wallet that has created the contract, and the other x% will split into another defined wallet via the source code like in that example?

Any ideas on how this can be done to have this as a working contract?


contract weakHands
{ uint public lockTime; address public owner; /* Constructor */
function weakHands(uint daysToLock)
{ owner = msg.sender; lockTime = now + daysToLock * 1 days; }
function requestAllEther() { if (now < lockTime) throw; selfdestruct(owner); } }

Any help would be much appreciated! :)
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