Smart Contract Auto execution

We have created a private network with two nodes in AWS Ubuntu instance.
We have written a contract where will register contract details as below.
1. Counter Party A and Counter Party B details
2. Amount and term. say term is monthly
3. Every month end payment will go A to B based on the interest rate

1. Every month end need to have automated payment from smart contract from counter party A to Counter Party B. Without any call from out side
2. Interest rate should be fetched from external web site by smart contract.

Any idea or help is appreciated.


  • AugustoLAugustoL ArgentinaMember Posts: 8
    I think that you should use a number of blocks instead of a month, for example, every 1000 blocks it view the terms of the contracts and review it.
    You cant make a request from the contract to the web, maybe to another contract.. if you have the interest rate updated and saved on another SC you can get it from there, taht will eb the only solution.
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