Noob Here - Best Setup for $4500-$7000 USD?

molly2015molly2015 Member Posts: 1
Is cloudmining eth worth it? If so, which sites offer this legitimately?

Are there rigs publically for sale like btc asic rigs?

If not,

What should I invest my cash in?


  • 390g390g Member Posts: 45
    I found this website from a forum... I did not buy a rig from them so do your due diligence...

    cloud mining cost like $36 to $44 for 1 MHS on a 1 year contract.... i believe you can setup a rig for lesser cost to produce more hashing... off-course electricity has to be factored in ... and there is overhead to setup and make sure everything is working right....

  • 390g390g Member Posts: 45
    i bought a cloud mining contract from and also in the process of building a rig....
  • ZipEyesZipEyes Member Posts: 7
    edited March 2016
    Best is build a rig on ur own. But for that you need obviously time, effort and enought space.
    I don't know any cloud mining sites where you could get profit, and what happens with ETH when mining stops with this sites?
    Cloud mining can be profitable only if price skyrockets -> even then if you made your own rig, you would get more profit. ETH is atm so profitable electricity costs doesnt mean anything.
  • LiucheeeeLiucheeee Member Posts: 18
    genesis is probs the most legit cloud mining site there is. THey aslo offer BTC cloud mining but cloud mining isnt really worth as the daily payouts are really small
  • superiorussuperiorus Member Posts: 15
    You should choose the best Ethereum cloud mining offer: Start Hash
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