Ether not showing up in account?

Hi, I've been mining ether for awhile now and until now I had no problems.

I recently set up a new rig to mine from. I installed ethereum cpp, and believe I got everything up and running. (I got it so that I was able to successfully mine in my pool from the address 0x00B03c7A9bde0456E24e1D980F0645dBC17DBc4D.

You can see here that I definitely recieved two transactions, but when I check the account in eth, it continously tells me I have 0 ether in my account.

I'm using the function web3.eth.getBalance(web3.eth.accounts[0])

The node has only one account on it, the default one so this returns the addresses balance. But I know it should not be zero.

Can anyone assist me with troubleshooting this? In another forum someone suggested that I may not be synced to the blockchain, but I was confused because I imagine that if I was successfully mining in a pool I would have had to have been right?
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