Can somebody please take a look and if possible fix this basic Smart Contract for me?

OperationNineOperationNine Member Posts: 2
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I'm wanting to lock up some Ether in a smart contract for x amount of time before it reverts back to the wallet associated with the contract.

I have deployed the following contract:

contract WeakHands {
address owner;
uint lockDate;

function weakHands () {
owner = msg.sender;
lockDate = now + 1 hours;
function requestEther(uint amount){
if (msg.sender==owner && now > lockDate) {

However, now that it's been 1 hour the Ether inside the contract have not gone back to my Ether Wallet..
See here:

I assume there must be something wrong with the Smart Contract in its above state so I was wondering if somebody could please help me with this. I guess my 3.19 ETH is gone?

Some help with this would be much appreciated.
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