Compensating victims of Mt.GOX

phalacrocoraxphalacrocorax Member Posts: 3
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I see that on, they are suggesting to create a blockchain to keep track of GOX-victims coins.

I suggest that we offer the victims of Mt.GOX to trade "GOX Coin" for ether as part of the presale. This is a great opportunity to get a lot of users from day one.

It might also create some positive media attention.

1-100 ether for 1 GOX coin?

What do you guys think?

Edit: suggested prize range


  • davidpbrowndavidpbrown London, UKMember Posts: 15
    Why prefer the foolish?.. Those who lost had multiple opportunities to understand their risk.

    It wouldn't be a fair distribution and also Ether is a long way from providing real world return to those currently feeling sore about cryptocurrency.. doing this might just add to their frustration.

    Better that those with foresight and understanding are engaged and hipsters and mainstream can follow later when they cotton on.
  • ddink7ddink7 Member Posts: 49
    Dilute real investors who are contributing funds to develop the ecosystem by giving ether to people who used to own coins? Hell no.
  • mwilcoxmwilcox Member Posts: 9
    That's being suggested by the Mastercoin foundation. They are a bit ahead of Ethereum currently anyway, so it makes much more sense for that to happen sooner on Mastercoin than for Goxcoins to be held up in another promise through Ether presale. They mentioned on LTB they are looking at having this implemented in as little as a couple of weeks.
  • CoinerCoiner Member Posts: 17
    +1 davidpbrown: we should want smart people as early adopters. So, if one would act on Mt.Gox at all, one should grant ethers to the guy who *stole* the bitcoins ;-)
  • phalacrocoraxphalacrocorax Member Posts: 3
    I agree with you guys. They would probably flod the forum with questions.
  • MajikMajik Member Posts: 11
    They're going to have a class action lawsuit and get what they can from Gox. But I don't mind 1 Eth for each Gox coin as a symbolic gesture and raising awareness.
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