Retrieving your presale Ethereum for Dummies

NHTPANHTPA Member Posts: 3
So, I had a friend tell me about Ethereum right as the presale started. I bought in for a little bit for the fun of it, hoping it would be a homerun, which it looks like it's turning into. That being said, I have absolutely zero idea how to retrieve my coins I bought in the presale. I looked at the site on how to do it, and frankly, it looked like another language to me. (I'm sure I can't be the only one) I still have my wallet info and password saved, but as far as using computers going, setting my fantasy baseball lineup and the occasional Facebook post is about as far as I go.

Is there anyway someone could dummy it down for someone like me how to retrieve my coins, I've tried figuring it out myself, but frankly, am clueless.

Thanks for any help!


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