Transaction RLP Encoding : Are Tw, Tr, Ts included in the Tx hash for signature ?

GeekBotGeekBot Member Posts: 6

I am playing with ethereumjs-tx, and I have a question relative to Tx encoding and signature.
It seems that ethereumjs-tx signature function is applied on the hash of the rlp encoding of the full encoded transaction with v=28 included, r and s, also included and set to 0x00.
According to the Yellow paper, Tw, Tr, Ts are not included in the rlp encoded raw Tx that is hashed. My understanding is that a specific rlp encoding of the raw transaction shall be hashed. I looked at the Go implementation and it seems to stick to the Yellow paper.
Is it a bad understanding on my side, or is it actually a bug on the js implementation ?
I can provide test samples if the question really needs investigation.
Thanks a lot
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