Does Geth Automatically start a Full Node on Startup? (and other simple questions)

I was under the understanding that Geth was the relay, wallet and full node for ethereum and Eth was the (++) implementation with Mining support (communicating via Geth).

My question is when you start Geth (psot setup) does it automatically create and run a full node?

If so, and for reference, where does it store the blockchain (in windows)?

What is the proper way to run geth and eth on a usb implementation of Linux in order to speed up time (DAG transfer) and also prepare for blockchain growth (if needed) (16GB drive is going to be too small pretty soon)?

I heard someone mention a ramdisk for the DAG, can anyone point me to a ubuntu scrypt that has all the proper setup routines to run geth and eth off of a usb drive?

I guess what I am getting at is if I can mine without a full node that would be ideal, but dont know if I can get away from that.

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