Json presale wallet trade on Poloniex possible today?

dirksterdirkster Member Posts: 8
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Reading much controversy info here in this forum. Simple question:

Can I directly and securely transfer some ETH from my json presale wallet file to Polinex for trading? Or do I need an additional wallet client such as mist, etherwall, dapp or Frontier/Geth/Homebrew?

I followed the Poloniex instructions and created my deposit address on their side. Done. My issue isn't also about a missing file or password. Just want to avoid loading beta software on my machine for just a one time transaction. At this point I'm stuck digging through the threads here...



  • BanksyBanksy Member Posts: 45
    You will need a wallet client such as Mist... But you can also import your .json wallet on kraken.com and trade/send them as you wish :) Let me know if you need some assistance
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