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is it possible we can take an android cell phone and strip out all of the parts Eth network can fulfill. Keep all to hardware needed to connect to ethereum, keep the processor and hardware used to run the screen.

Is it possible to remove 20%...30% of now useless hardware.

Would thIs quantify tangible utility of ethereum network

I'm working on a site currently, and going to focus on Nyc. I'd trying to build a team/workshop that also takes on part time consulting projects.

My technical skills aren't high level. Conceptual and as a facilitator I'm ready to go.


  • dannyvanmahldannyvanmahl Member Posts: 13
    Meeting March 28th in Manhattan.
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    Which portions of hardware do you believe would be rendered obsolete? This would require a distro of android to integrate and build itself around the ethereum blockchain for one. Two, at the moment Ethereum would only be useful for "GET" parameters, aka getting info from the blockchain rather than writing to it, as its current CPU power, as others have mentioned, is comparable to a 90's cellphone. At the moment, this is just an artificial limit, this is a good idea once that limit is further raised.
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    This is true, it would really just be an experiment to showcase the "virtual computer" characteristics of the network.

    One other thing I discussed a while back with Vitalik was creating a storage/execution cost gauge. Meaning the gauge measures the size of your contract and the size of each of the indidividual executions in the contract and comes up a quantity of ether it would take to execute each of those contracts. What this allows is for users of the network to visualize a cost comparison of using Ethereum vs their current system. This would be highly important but with the volatile price of ether the gauge would have to take that into consideration. It would also need to pull from miners fees and set an average
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