Geth, Alethzero, Mist, etc... Install confusion on Ubuntu.

I'm trying to install Ethereum on Ubuntu, but the docs are confusing as heck. For example, this page: shows how to add Ethereum as a ppa.

But I also need to need to build Ethereum as well. So the docs take you to this page:

But on the page above it says to clone each module, like AlethZero, or mix, that you need. This is redundant, no? Why even have the ppa at this point if you have to clone all or some of the modules in the umbrella project.


- Does the ppa just install the Ethereum Dependencies?
- Is the command `sudo apt-get install Ethereum` missing on this page: ?
- Does cloning individual projects just install module components of Ethereum like Mist and Alethzero? Please help.


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