- New Website Explaining Ethereum Basics for Beginners

I'm creating a website to compile some basic information about Ethereum for new people interested in learning more. I want it to be as basic and straightforward as possible. I want someone who hears about Ethereum to have a basic collection of information to understand the basics quickly and easily. This is not for profit, but to help newcomers wrap their mind around the things that sometimes are too intimidating for those with a casual interest. Any suggestions or feedback would be greatly appreciated!

The site has no ads and is not for profit, the intention is for education. Please share the link and pass it along.


  • benjbarkerbenjbarker Member Posts: 30
    Bump for feedback.
  • PokerPlayerPokerPlayer Member Posts: 52
    It's great. Now that the easy to mine software and wallet software is out you should make that the primary focus. Draw the user to the downloads!!!
  • ldrapeauldrapeau Member Posts: 89
    Nice site. Feels so good to have no ads, wow. I hope you will keep it going.

    I'm really looking forward to compose my first contract, I would like something where people can join, eventually vote, and possibly contribute to a pool, however withdraws from the pool would only be possible if 66% of the participants agree. I would also like to have each participant supply a cel no as to prevent someone from faking multiple participants (even thought it would be possible - gets pretty tricky and not to practical).

    I have all the infrastructure to support this (sql db, cel phone interfaces, callbacks, etc...) Am I asking too much from ethereum or do you think this could be feasible without too many complications? Thanks again for the site, will need to spend much more time on it. Louis
  • fractuxfractux CanadaMember Posts: 2
    I think you did a great job with the layout and simplicity of the site. I am new here and I've enjoyed reading about all aspects of ethereum immensely.

    For a 101 crash course, you've done a really great job presenting the information.


    - In the "How do I store It" section, I'd move the "Can You Give Me Links To A Few Wallets?" section up in the "How Do I Create A Wallet?" section, with a brief description of the options.

    - I also think it would be good to briefly talk about transactions fees and gas, or just point to the docs.

    - For the "Mining" section, I'd add more links to different pools, with a brief note of how they are different.

    I would also put a big note in about why decentralization is important in PoW, and to not jump in to the biggest pool ATM, which is slowly inching up in %! You can show people this image for a quick summary when talking about decentralization: | brief info here:

  • benjbarkerbenjbarker Member Posts: 30
    Thanks for the feedback guys!

    I've added a news roundup section.
  • aaweeaawee Member Posts: 16
    can you add on "How do I get Ether" tab a link to a Faucets Rotator ? :-s
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