DAG file changed in block 1080000

benvickers_benvickers_ Member Posts: 5
Hi first post! Just getting into setting up mining rigs and discovering it can be a steep learning curve, first time I've encountered something I'm unsure about though with no answers elsewhere.

Am mining to dwarfpool, and all of sudden am getting this message on the account: "DAG file changed in block 1080000" does this mean that my DAG is out of sync and if yes, how do I resync it, tried just rebooting miners but doesn't seem to fix it. Any help appreciated!



  • HashingTurtleHashingTurtle Member Posts: 107
    I don't fully understand it either. I deleted my DAG and let a new one generate. Can't see any difference.
  • ShirouShirou Member Posts: 39
    Having the same error message, not sure what it is either.. if anyone can explain would be appreciated, thanks!
  • megahz2megahz2 Member Posts: 36
    me TOOo.. DAG file changed in block 1080000

    I use eth-proxy / Stratum proxy v0.0.4

    It looks like it could be a global change/prob on dwarfpool because I see it on the main eth page, http://dwarfpool.com/eth

    I was going to post in dwarfpool and I found this twitter post, so we are not alone! https://twitter.com/DwarfPool

    I ran "geth recover 1080000"
    and geth said "block not found"

    I am currently deleting chain folder in \user\Fuc-MSFT\AppData\Roaming\Ethereum\chaindata

    I am going to let mist wallet repopulate the chain data.
    I will let you know what I get..
  • JabulonJabulon Member Posts: 45
    It's not an error message, just bad English. You will be mining on the present DAG until block 108000, which as of this writing has not happened yet (#1,079,473 right now). There is no problem.
  • megahz2megahz2 Member Posts: 36
    edited February 2016
    Da, I feel like a homer-Do :o:p darn noob..

    I just noticed that Ethereum network is currently at block "1079421" and growing.
    so I think that means it has not created block 1080000 yet, it must be coming, and maybe that means that is when homestead build goes into affect.
    if so, it would be nice if dwarfpool or Ethereum forum would have explained it better..

    But I do not know what change there is from proof of work "POW" to Proof of steak "POS".

    also note DAG file might not have to do with chain folder as I original thought, I did not have to delete chain folder as stated above, I will research DAG location and rebuil in a bit cuz I have to go 4 now..
    DAG location is user\homer\AppData\Ethash
  • dlehenkydlehenky Member Posts: 2,249 ✭✭✭✭
    It just means the next epoch is approaching. It happens every 30,000 blocks. The DAG changes at that point (it becomes larger). There is nothing out of the ordinary going on.
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