geth says I mined 2 blocks, but it seems out of sync

mindlessmindless Member Posts: 6
So, I've got ether-proxy and and I am solo mining with ~130MH/s on 2 rigs since 2 days ago :)

Ether-proxy reports I've got 2 blocks, and I can see geth also reports I've mined 2 blocks. But when I compared the date and the current block, it seems I am out of sync with the blockchain, latest block should be 1073369, but I get on geth on my rig 107064.

The blocks:

My account,

Mined for 2 hours on nanopool yesterday just to confirm the account.

I am new to mining, so not sure what is going on? Is geth on my rig out of sync, how do I get it to sync? I suppose the mined blocks are not mine? :(



  • mindlessmindless Member Posts: 6
    I restarted geth, it synced to the latest block. I ran it with --max-peers 128 before, left it out of the arguments now, not sure what happened there.
    geth version 1.3.3
    geth cmd: geth.exe --rpc --rpcaddr "ip" --rpcport "port" --rpccorsdomain "*" console

    I am going to make a script that checks current block, and get the latest from local geth instance. And notify when delta exceeds threshold, when the next fckup occurs.
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