Account not found & other begginners issues

GrinnGrinn Member Posts: 4
Hey guys,

I have been starting mining ether 2 days ago.
I have been struggling with those issues :
- eth.coinbase returns :
Though i can't find this adresse on Is it normal ? (I heard it could take time)
- I use : ethminer.exe -F -G
To mine ether on the nanopool. It seems to work as my GPU is working a lot and I get sometimes those smileys saying my solution was accepted. Though I cant find my adresse on the nanopool website and my eth.getBalance(eth.coinBase) still returns "0"... I read nanopool was paying twice a day, but I didnt receive anything in 40hours.
- I use a 970 GTX and my speed is less than 7MH/s. I installed the CUDA 7.5 from Nvidia but the performance didnt improve. Is there another work around to reach the 17MH/s I should get?

Thanks a lot
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