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Ladies & Gents,

I know that may not be everybody's cup of tea, but we all have our likes and dislikes. This is just a short introduction to a small (& growing) collection of ETH in/ETH out games for those with a tiny bit set aside for entertainment purposes. Since my Friends, Family & Fools (FF&F) pool all seem happy, here we are...
  • Lottery ( - Exactly what it says on the box. You buy tickets in 0.01 ETH intervals (100 max/1ETH per transaction) and once in 24 hours it pays the full pool to a lucky random participant. Some of the FF&F have have been testing this with me have been quite lucky...
  • Fifty ( - This is a weird one. Basically it behaves almost like a slot machine. Send in some ETH and for each "ticket" you have a 50% chance of winning 50% of the relevant pool. Pools are available for 0.01, 0.10 & 1.00 ETH intervals, each increment of the minimum value for the relevant pool is a "ticket". This is almost one of those "you always get something out" games when you send multiples, at least judging by history.
  • Dice ( - Traditional 2 x 6-sided dice, place a prediction based on the outcome/sum of the throw. Just sending in a normal transaction predicts an even outcome (50% chance). Using the contract ABI & calling the enter function you can specify an odd sum, a specific sum (2-12) or a range of sums (i.e. between 7 and 3), fine-tuning your selection. Easy to get into, quite tweakable when you make a call on the contract.
O, yes, everything runs at a 0.5% commission subtracted from the returns to the player, just enough to cover some basics in terms of the main site. In addition all the code (contracts & site) is available on GitHub, for the contracts the sources have been uploaded and linked to on Etherchain as well to verify that the deployed code is actually the available/published code.

There has been some swearing along the way in getting this far, a lot of testing along the dev, test & live networks, a lot of tweaks based on feedback, but we are having fun. I'm hoping that you may find some fun stuff in here as well.
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