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I have spent the last year or so investigating ways to facilitate my primary artistic pursuit, which is direction of collaborations between other artists. Essentially I'm in the market for tools that will allow me to be a 'showrunner', that glorified version of 'idea guy' that seems so popular with television, but I have very little interest in interacting with centralized methods for fundraising or distribution such as Patreon, YouTube, Spotify etc.

Unfortunately, I also hate accounting and running the business side of things, which is why I've been mostly helping other people with their projects after directing shorts and documentaries in film school, since every time I sit down to sort through setting up a PayPal button or Dwolla payment gateway or YouTube monetization my mind is filled with visions of endless retroactive problem solving and checking to make sure all the artists involved are still getting compensated.

Nevertheless, artists need compensation of some sort and I will only get so far coercing my friends into performing for free, and so my research led me through several bitcoin based efforts to decentralize media until I landed on Ethereum, which I gravitated towards because of it's focus on decentralization of law, organization, and agreements, and relationship with protocols that decentralize the distribution of media, letting me retain control of content and automate shareholding of the various works through decentralized autonomous organizations/distributed autonomous corporation/whatever you care to call it.

I feel that the various blockchain/bittorrent/related services have the potential to offer artists or collectives of artists greater freedom and autonomy. I am aware of projects such as Ujo music, which look promising, but I am wondering if anyone is aware of other projects that approach these same goals, or if there is anyone here on the forums who is interested in spitballing about all this. Particularly, I am interested in projects that can scale from a collaboration between two artists creating a song and an accompanying image, to a animated serial, to a full budget ($10 million and up) independent film.

These organizations could provide countless services for these projects that I hate doing otherwise. Some examples:

-Permanant storage of binding talent or performance releases
-Reception storage and disbursing of production funds to an LLC or equivalent obtained from fundraising or investors buying shares of the project, perhaps through tokens
-Disbursing returns on future earnings to shareholders in the project, perhaps based on tokens
-Collection of patronage for ongoing artistic creation
-Control the DRM via Swarm/IPFS/Storj allowing free distribution with voluntary and variable payment, or required purchas prior to delivery

Big obstacles for adoption by non blockchain tech multimedia artists:
-Taxes. My greatest fear.
-Intuitive method for constructing these organizations and interacting with them when needed
-It took me this much time to explain what I'm talking about and I'm still not sure what I said
-All of the other obvious obstacles for adoption of bleeding edge tech for people who are famous for sticking with vintage tube amplifiers and other versions of 'it's warmer because it's analog man'. Guilty on this one.

Anyway, my searching is starting to scrape the bottom of my abilities, so I was hoping there were others following Ethereum who have leads or ideas on this specific direction.


  • GyeongTae KimGyeongTae Kim Member Posts: 2
    agree with your proposal and I was also trying to find out a way to make distributed production system using blockchain. my earliest interest on blockchain was fair streaming service which is like PeerTracks. do you have any further idea about your project? I hope you see my comment :smile:
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