Etherwall wallet recovery

tofm2tofm2 Member Posts: 5

I was using etherwall KDE linux wallet on a former 64bits computer who has crashed. I have recovered my home directory disk and I would like to know if it is possible to recover the ether contained on this wallet in a way or another. For information, I am now running a 32 bit computer making it impossible to run etherwall (64 bits only).

Secondary question : where is my etherwall wallet data stored ?

thanks for your help.


  • cpplovercpplover Member Posts: 38
    in linux,

    example on my ubuntu::

    geth keystore

    [email protected]:~/.web3/keys$ ls
    xxxxxx 4a912ed4-7798-1d69-665d-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.json
    xxxxxx b48ea3a6-54d0-c440-30a3-xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.json
    xxxxxx ce44eeff-5c9d-c1ff-da45-xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.json

    .json file is wallet.

    and if you created wallet on C++ ethereum then,

    [email protected]:~/.ethereum/keystore$

  • tofm2tofm2 Member Posts: 5
    Hello cpplover, thanks for your answer, i am afraid I cannot find no ~/.web3 directory. Are we talking about the same app ? I am talking about etherwall wallet installed on my former 64bits PC (

    Thanks for your help
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