Running 'geth --networkid 123 console'

miguelccarvalhomiguelccarvalho Member Posts: 2
Hi eveyone,

Complete newbie here. I was trying to create a test chain following the steps here

Everything worked but:

1) When I run:

geth --genesis genesis.json --datadir .testchain --networkid 123 --nodiscover --maxpeers 0 console

> personal.newAccount("password")

// I get this


// PS for later: I can find this account in the keystore folder of my private testchain

2) But when I exit and run this

geth --networkid 123 console

> eth.accounts

// I get this different address

"0x... b9b3"

The account "0x... b9b3" was created a few days ago using

geth account new

However, I don't know where this account is stored because I can't find any keystore folder that corresponds to it.

Questions are:
1) Why is this happening?
2) When creating an account, where is it stored (like the example in 2)?
3) Any resources where I could learn more about the general structure of directories in Ethereum?

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