[ANN] BITY.COM - Online ETH Broker - USD/EUR/CHF supported

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We are excited to present you https://bity.com, the Swiss gateway to the collaborative economy. It is currently the only online Swiss service. We added Ether to our services.

Online Services

Buy or sell bitcoins, buy ethers for USD/EUR/CHF

Minimum amount: 10 Max amount without ID: 250

How does it work?

Buying: You open an order on bity.com and make a wire transfer (SEPA for Euro). As soon as we receive your funds on our bank account, we transfer the coins to your address. Price is fixed when we receive your funds on our accounts in Switzerland or Germany.

Selling: You open an order and send your coins by scanning the QR code that has been generated. We wire the funds immediately to your bank account. You get the exact amount you have requested (except if your bank is taking fees).


You can find our prices here (API): We try to keep our prices as low as possible. We invite you to compare them with others here: http://bittybot.co/eu/buy-bitcoins-europe/

Payment methods

Currently we accept bank transfers. We are working on the integration of other payment methods.

Tip: If you have a Fidor bank account in Germany, you will receive your bitcoins or ethers in minutes.


Above 250 USD/EUR/CHF we only require an ID scan. Above 4000 USD/EUR/CHF per year, we require a full registration. We comply to Swiss AML regulations.

What's coming next?

We are working hard to continually improve our interface and offer new features.

We have built a public API. This year, we will release the documentation so you can connect directly to your account.
We are adding a functionality to fund directly a DAO
We are working on adding selling Ether for fiat


We don't hold your funds but we will soon be providing a card to store your bitcoins where only you have the key.

Support and communication:

We love user feedback! Twitter: @hellobity email: [email protected]

Under the hood

We are fans of docker, ansible, django and many great other tech. We've been featured at DockerCon 2015 for our infrastructure. You can view the slides here: http://www.slideshare.net/Docker/trading-bitcoin-with-docker

Some history

We established bity.com (formely sbex.ch) in Jan 2014. In Feb 2014, we installed one of the first Bitcoin ATM in Western Europe, in Geneva. We were authorized to buy and sell bitcoins in June 2014 by Swiss financial authorities. We are audited by KPMG. We started operating fastcoin.ch. Bity.com is live now since November 2015.
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