Client interaction with contracts - Stacktrace?

gliderglider Member Posts: 2
Hello all, long time lurker first time poster here, just trying to flesh out my knowledge of the workings of Ethereum. These forums have been really helpful so far, and I hope to contribute to the 'intro level' knowledge base going forward. All help appreciated. Stacktrace is not the technically accurate word to use here, but it fits my purpose :smile:

So, one can write and compile a smart contract then have it written into the blockchain (BC) by a miner. That's easy enough to understand, but I am still confused as to *how* one interacts with a contract once it is immutably embedded into the BC.

What is the 'stracktrace' of such an interaction?

Clearly, one has to submit a transaction to a miner, who then has to locate the contract by address (by using his/her own local copy of the BC? please correct me if I am wrong!). Is the entire contract then re-written once again into the BC with the outputs representing the output of the computation that has taken place?

I hope this makes sense, and look forward to your comments. All help greatly appreciated!


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