Documentation / Tutorial for DApp with GUI

maxwedwardsmaxwedwards Member Posts: 3
I have looked on the main website and in and all I can see are guides on smart contracts.

I briefly looked at which seems out of date.

Is there a good source for a getting started with DApp with a GUI? Is this being downplayed now on Ethereum? All of the examples seemed to be command line.


  • maxwedwardsmaxwedwards Member Posts: 3
    I think I might have fundamentally misunderstood that the front end is also deployed on chain.

    The smart contract is what is published to the chain and it is up to you to host the front-end. It will still need to be accessed in an environment which has access to an Ethereum node such as in an Ethereum browser.

  • maxwedwardsmaxwedwards Member Posts: 3
    Embark might also be the easiest to get up and running with.
  • amiracamamiracam Member Posts: 1
    I'm also looking for a quick how to , similar to the MIX IDE tutorial but instead of using the MIX IDE's Html/JS front end , I would like to use a GUI written in JavaFX from which via JSON I would interface with the Ethereum node, hopefully whatever node is spawned by the MIX IDE i.e. in order to test privately and within the confines of my personal box. Any help is appreciated. thanks
  • Crypt1xCrypt1x The BlockchainMember Posts: 52
    I follow this discussion with interest.
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