Free internet fundraiser

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Free internet Fundraiser

I recently came across a project called Outernet whose mission it is to provide
“Unrestricted,globally accessible,broadcast data.Quality content from all over the internet.Available to all of humanity .”

I see an opportunity here for the Ethereum/crypto currency community to help in making this noble endeavor a reality and at the same time help to spread the word about Ethereum/crypto,quite literally, to the whole planet.

The idea would be to create a sort of holding company on the Ethereum protocol that accepts all donations wishing to contribute to the Outernet project which would get released to Outernet once they have completed the “testing phase” and are ready to establish a manufacturing process for hundreds of satellites.The reason for holding the funds would be first of all give enough time to raise a sizeable fund,second to incentivise Outernet to reach their goals as outlined on their site and that if they get successful testing completed that there will be a fund available to help get the satellites launched and thirdly it also gives a chance of the funds raised early on to increase in value.So for example if in a years time there is 10000 bitcoin 100000 ether 10000000 DOGE :) ect. raised,that the value will be a lot greater than when at the time people donated.It also gives people an incentive to simply invest in crypto currencies if they want to contribute to the ecosystem as a whole.

To get the ball rolling I have an idea to raise awareness of both Ethereum and Outernet.
We send ether to Space.
There is a project happening with a company called Space Expedition Corporation(SXC)
where an Ex-Goldman Sachs trader is going to go to space on board one of their crafts and perform the first and highest ever trade recorded from space.From what I have read this event is due to take place during the first quarter of 2014 and is to be verified from the Guinness book of Records!
My idea would be to beat this record where by a trade is done from space on board a Virgin Galactic craft(who have been supportive of Bitcoin) using ether.Before the person who will make the highest ever crypto currency transaction from space takes off,they would send an amount of ether to another node on the network in another country who then sends the ether to another node on the network in another country and so on until this can be done as many times as possible until the ether is sent back to the person on board the Virgin Galactic craft who performs the final transaction and deposits the ether into the “Outernet Fund” on Ethereum,performing the highest ever financial transaction from space to help benefit the planet in getting the internet available to everyone!

Any Thoughts?



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