GTX 980 Ti @ 6 MH/s. Low?

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From what I've read I should probably be getting a higher hashtags from my gpu. Any advice?


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    I've come to find that Nvidia cards perform terribly in windows since the DAG file has gotten so large, at least that's my understanding. I haven't been able to verify yet, but I'm told that the fix is to mine under Linux or Windows 7. My GTX 970 gets 8.2MH/s in Windows 10 overclocked to 1595MHz. Benchmarks at 18MH/s though. You can check the benchmark speed by invoking the -M argument at the command line. ex: ethminer.exe -M
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    Thanks! Will try.
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    Certainly much too low on Win 7, probably right on Windows 10. Nothing to do with the DAG file if you have a modern 2-3GB+ card.

    If you're running ethminer on Windows 10, you're wasting your time and electricity. Dual-booting into Ubuntu (Linux Mint might work too) would be much better if you absolutely have to run Win10 on the same box. Amazes me that linux isn't more of a preferred platform for mining... windows is such a buzzkill.

    A pair of 970's gets 38MH/s (3320 cores) on Win7 with Genoil's CUDA 6.5 ethminer, so a 980ti with 2816 should get arouind 32MH/s.

    BTW hi, new to the forum and ETH. I'm a refugee from lite/dark/feathercoin... ;)
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    @bluebox : The hash rate for ethereum is bounded by the access time of the GPUs global memory, not it's by its computation power. Each ethash does 64 *random* 128 byte reads from the DAG in global memory. That's 8k bytes per hash that are scattered random over a 1.3 GB DAG; there will not be any caching. At 25 MH/s, you are doing 1.6 billion 128 byte DAG accesses. At 30 MH/s, it's just shy of 2 billion accesses. Since there are no GPUs out there, other than Radeon Fury series, that can read 128 bytes in one memory access, the GPUs currently being used to mine will have to do 2 (512 bit bus) - 4 (256 bit bus) memory accesses to read 1 DAG entry. In short, regardless of how many computation streams/cores you have, you can't go faster than the memory can read the DAG. 32 MH/s is beyond anything any current GPU can possibly do. Each ethash also does a SHA512, before reading the DAG, and a SHA256 after (which produces the result that is compared to the current difficulty target).

    -Best Care
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    @dlehenky It was an uneducated guess, thanks for putting some numbers to the calculations (which I haven't seen enough of!).
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    My 670 does 13.5Mh/s on Windows 7
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    i have 21Mh/s on GTX 980
  • xiTzTHATGaMeRxxiTzTHATGaMeRx Member Posts: 34
    you have to download geforce driver 347.62
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    Ok so I'm a little late to the party... But Hoping that someone can help me out as I have searched far and wide and this thread is the closest to my problem that I can find.

    I have a GTX 980 Ti and whatever I do I am getting 5 MH/s I've tried deleting DAG, Tried -U and -G. Tried different miners but I prefer to use Ethminer if possible. My old PC has a GTX 660 Ti and is running at 8 MH/s........ What am I missing!!! Surely my GTX 980 Ti should be giving me more than a GTX 660 Ti...... I see BlueBox mentioned the OS... I am on Windows 10 could this really be it?
  • GenoilGenoil 0xeb9310b185455f863f526dab3d245809f6854b4dMember Posts: 769 ✭✭✭
    @001RoBB yes, that really is it.
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    @001RoBB to use win10, you must downgrade driver (as stated above by @xiTzTHATGaMeRx)
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    Thank you so much for confirming! will try downgrade driver (Its downloading now) else I will duel boot if I can figure that out :) Thanks for confirmation!!
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    @work @xiTzTHATGaMeRx Where do I find that driver! I have looked everywhere...
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    @001RoBB I don't have nvidia cards myself, but google turned up this:
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    Step 1: Make Coffee
    Step 2: Fill Vape device with E-Juice
    Step 3: Boot into Ubuntu version XXYYZZ
    Step 4: ??????? sudo apt-get make my GTX 980 Ti mine at 20+ MH/s never pause,

    Trying this now

    Think I might be getting somewhere!
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    Ive done it! lol
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    in comparison: with dual GTX690 i get min/mean/max: 8650752/37329305/44564480 H/s
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    marcobahn said:

    in comparison: with dual GTX690 i get min/mean/max: 8650752/37329305/44564480 H/s

    Is that using one of my more recent CUDA miners? On AWS g2.8 (4x GK 104, which is exactly like dual 690) I get 48MH/s.

    BTW just got a chance to benchmark on a K80 (dual GK210). Only 27MH/s...not impressed! :neutral:
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