New Ethereum Mining Profitability Calculator With Advanced Features

cryptowizzardcryptowizzard Member Posts: 16
Hi everyone, now that ethereum price went up mining might be profitable even if you are located in a zone where the kwh is not so cheap. As the existing calculators didn't have all the features I need, I started to do my own math. Initially using some spreadsheets, gathering data and then putting everything in javascript.

Most of the features I dreamed about are implemented. I'm currently working on calculating ROI, break even period and cumulative return.

I would appreciate any type of feedback. If you think some extra feature could improve the eth calculator just let a message in this thread.


  • EtherionEtherion Member Posts: 95
    edited May 2016
    I think some of the numbers under the cards are wrong.
    The 7790 and 7770 is way of. Can't be 85 and 80 MHz for 200W. Both cards only have 1GB expect if I missed something. Why even list them?
    The 380x values looks like the 380.
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