AlethZero Frontier client doesn't want to import key file

AlethZero Frontier client doesn't work
While importing key file in json format client crushing.
I'm unable import my key file :/
Windows 7 64

What can be wrong here ?


  • AktarusAktarus Planet EarthMember Posts: 15
    Hi !

    I have exactly the same problem with the latest version of AlethZero, v1.2.0. I am trying to import my account to another computer and everytime try to import the key (Menu "Accounts" -> "Import key"), after selecting the key file (.json file) and entering the password, AlethZero crashes :-(

    Can someone help?
  • AktarusAktarus Planet EarthMember Posts: 15
    I tried over night to import my .json wallet file into "Ethereum-Wallet-win64-0-5-1" but it also failed. The wallet have been able to sync and has currently connection to 10 peers, but it is stuck for hours at the import step, still displaying "Importing" with the icon picture changing all the time.
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