Howto find hashrate

TheVikingTheViking Member Posts: 3
Hello everyone

I'm new to mining Ethereum. I just installed Eth on a gaming laptop I never use and it seems to be running fine. I was just wondering how I can see the hashrate of my laptop. Can someone tell if there's a command I can enter to see this?


  • malefactormalefactor Member Posts: 12
    no worries, that laptop will be dead shortly, so ~0MH/sec.
  • TheVikingTheViking Member Posts: 3
    Uh, dude, srsly? What kind of an answer is this?

    Anyone else can help me out, I don't care that the laptop might be outdated, I'm trying to learn something here.
  • CarsonCarson Member Posts: 10
    your laptop won't automatically mine Ethereum just because you installed eth
    if i remember correctly you is ethminer -M -G for the test result, but you can always use --help.

    but laptop?
    serious miners start with some AMD 79xx GPU's
  • TheVikingTheViking Member Posts: 3
    Thank you Carson.

    You're right about the laptop not mining Ethereum, but that's not why I installed eth on my laptop. I want to become familiar with the eth software before investing in mining hardware. So it's more of a learning project. Once I figured out how everything works, I'll probably take the next step and invest in some GPU's.
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