Mining Hardware Comparison

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This Domain Is up For sale!
Just lack the time to maintain it and as it has a decent amount of unique visitors per day (1K average) i decided to put it up for sale.


I've been working on a website for every GPU miner out there to make it a bit easier to find/set a configuration of his/her needs.

This because i have been seeing a lot of newer and also older miners out there with lots of questions about what software, config, etc.. is best.

I know there have been and maybe still are similar websites as this one. But i will be keeping this one up to date (+ it looks better as well :p) and possibly connect it to software that will auto input the details in there directly from your mining rig (The idea is somewhat similar to the nice hash software, but with an option to post your config/card and or load a config) <-- still working on this idea with someone else.

For now it is already possible to submit your configuration/card.
(I will need to activate this first before it will be shown in the list "yeah, there are always guys out there with false information")
This will go fast because i will get an email every time someone submits a config/card.

It's still in beta so you will probably find some bugs here and there (it's rather slow right now because i've been an idiot). I'm still working on it!

It's also possible to leave comments with every configuration/card. For if you have questions or remarks regarding that setup.



So please, do a little effort and submit some configs. it will take you not more than 5 minutes of your time and will be very helpful for others and maybe/possibly for yourself as well!

If you have suggestions or remarks to improve this. Please send me a pm (i will add a contact form later), or rather, check github, get a pull request and help me out! :)

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    Okay, i have done some updates.

    It's now possible to browse between algorithms (added that in the menu)

    Filter options have been slightly improved.

    Still need more cards! Especially Nvidia!

    Please keep submitting guys!

    Mining Hardware Comparison

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    Have added a bunch of "small" updates/adjustments.

    A lot of Cards have been added, especially for Ethereum in the AMD section.

    You can now filter everything ascending or descending separately.

    + domain name is active!

    Please keep adding new cards guys!

    Thank you!!
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    New update! Every Ethereum config/card has a built in calculator. You can find it when you click on "More Info"


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    Would be perfect if people could post the amazon links to the products. So newbies could have an easy start.
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    Good idea, will add that as soon as possible. Thank you :)
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    There are always people out there that are trying to do harm.

    Don't even know what that script kiddy could gain from this.. (2207 tries.. and seemed to have failed.. :p)

    Anyhow, it took me exactly 2 seconds to fix that :smiley:

    Still need to do some updates.. Still haven't had much time. Sorry!
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    I have updated the website a bit.

    Cleaned up a lot of things, not only visual things.

    For those that have visited or/and still are, you'll see the difference immediately when checking configs.

    Also, the submission form has been a little modified. (Will re-write that later).

    As for my to-do list, been finding some extra time here and there, so it'll get there eventually :p

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    bitcanuck said:

    It would be nice if you added power consumption. For example without voltage mods, I see ~170W usage for MSI R9 380s @980/1500 (200W @ the wall with 85% efficient PSU).

    Could perfectly do that yes :)

    I was already thinking about adding that in the more info page.

    Thx for your input :) Appreciate it!
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    what happened with your site mate?
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    Script kiddies, database now has over 1 million entries. :tongue: Need to fix it, will try to do this today. Sorry!
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    let us know when it back on, keep up the good work buddy
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    Mmm there's another one it seems.. didn't even know that. Maybe it's just best to no waste my time on mine know this. :) thx for the link @greenuser
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    mining hardware comparision, the link or page is dead or something?
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    @Heliox ,nooooo. bring that site back or at least send me the collected data.
    cryptocompare's list is boring.
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    @baki @btcmartell
    this is from heliox irc
    [15:44] Got visited by a script kiddy who flooded my database
    [15:45] haven't had time to fix it yet and i'm leaving tomorrow for a week. so it will be down for at least a week.. :(
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    yeah, sorry guys. Just came back from holiday.

    As soon as i find the time to fix it, i'll fix it.
    Got A LOT to read up to now that i'm back..

    For the time being you can visit cryptocompare...

    Thx for understanding!
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    Mininghwcomparison is back up. Submitting now has google recaptcha.

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    Hey @bitcanuck

    True, there is info in there that is old, i'll be adding the time that the config has been submitted.

    I have most of the timestamps but not for all. (added this a while ago, should have done that from the start though..)

    Further, what you said about oc'ing the core making no difference is incorrect.

    If you up your core, your hashrate will definitely go up, if you lower it, it will go down.
    It is as simple as that.

    So underclocking your core to 840 will result in a loss of hashrate for sure! I've been doing this to long to believe otherwise.

    This means you must be doing something different, or maybe not explaining it right.

    Or your card is just not taking the clocks you set.
    If you set your clocks in Afterburner for example, you should check GPU-Z to see if those clocks have really applied. Because if you say your hashrate is not being affected by you adjusting core, that means your core hasn't been adjusted.

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    So, to be clear on this again.

    You say: when i lower my core clock, hashrate is not being affected right?

    Also, when you raise the core clock, your hashrate does not go up.

    I'm getting this correct am i?

    Also, i will quote you the next part.
    bitcanuck said:

    I've tried 4 different R9 cards and for every one of them all that was required was to OC the mem to 1500.

    When reducing or raising the memory clock, by doing this, this has the least effect on your hashrate. It will, but definitely not much.
    bitcanuck said:

    In fact I've recently been doing some testing underclocking the core to 840Mhz without any drop in hashrate, and a ~35W reduction at the wall in power consumption (80+ bronze PSU).

    Not to be dissing you, but if you underclock your core to a level that low, your hashrate will for sure drop. There is no way it will remain the same.

    You sure you are talking about underclocking, and not only undervolting right?

    Ps. i'm not trying to offend you or anything, as i feel like you are in your reply.

    Also i'm going to mention @work in this as well as i'm sure he will say the same.


    Ps. if you hover over an entry over at mininghwcomparison you will see the name of the person who submitted it (was already there) but as well as the date that it has been submitted.
    I'm going to add this in a different way later on, but for now it's there.
    Those that have a weird date, are the oldest ones, the date part in the database i added when the website was already active.
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    Hey @bitcanuck ,

    it doesn't matter if it's relevant or not. I just don't want to get in a discussion where someone could or would get offended in any way. That's all.


    Made you a quick movie ;)

    As you can see, core clock of gpu2 is at start at 890, doing 24Mh, i change that to 800, hash rate drops to 22Mh. after that i change it to 950, hash rate goes up to 27Mh..

    I've got a 280x running as well, kind of the same as a 380 (kind of).. same thing happens mate..

    Link to movie:

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    They're nano's :-)

    Sure i will, but why would i?
    I will, if you...

    - Run that card in a windows environment.
    - Do the exact same thing as me and record your screen :-)

    Or even better, i'll go buy one and do it myself ;-) will get one on friday (or maybe sooner).

    Again, i appologise if i disrespect(ed) you in any way.. That is definitely not my intention here.


    Already ordered one
    XFX Radeon R9 380 Dual Dissipation

    When i get it, i'll record it again. If you're right, i'll make that 10eth ;) (fair is fair)

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    bitcanuck said:

    Heliox said:

    Sure i will, but why would i?
    I will, if you...

    - Run that card in a windows environment.
    - Do the exact same thing as me and record your screen :-)

    None of the Windows Catalyst drivers I've tried (15.7.1, 15.11, & 15.12) will underclock the GPU (see attached). It works fine under Linux. (sudo aticonfig --od-enable --odsc 840,1500)

    What I will do is use Tonga Bios Reader to make a custom bios to underclock the core and see if the hashrate changes. The 380 I have in my Windows desktop has faster timings (Samsung RAM) than the cards in my Linux rig and therefore hashes at 22Mhs instead of 21. Because of that, I'll try underclocking it to 880Mhz instead of 840 (22/21 * 840).
    Hey @bitcanuck

    Try the 16.5 drivers (they're back where they need to be ;))

    You're lucky to have Samsung memory, best ones out there!

    I'm curious to your results! For sure! :)

    I had an open slot in one of my rigs (card died on me) so i had to get a new one anyway, so i figured, why not get a 380 :tongue: .

    So i'll be basically testing this baby out this week (definitely) and will see what i can do about editing that rom as well ;).

    Does yours have locked voltage?

    I've read that a few of those 380's seem to have locked voltages..

  • HelioxHeliox Member, Moderator Posts: 634 mod
    Ok, i'm eager to start testing!

    Yeah Linux and voltage control is a hassle, mostly just impossible (although that i can't believe that...)

    Will see what the XFX one will do/perform :)

    Will report back for sure!

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    bitcanuck said:

    Heliox said:

    Yeah Linux and voltage control is a hassle, mostly just impossible (although that i can't believe that...)

    With the 2GB MSI R7 370 cards, I have no problems adjusting voltage with atitweak. Even though all my 370's have the same BIOS version, a couple of them default to 1.163V while the rest default to 1.188V. To get them stable at 1140 core I need to run them at 1.188. So far they are the best cards I've found for hash/$. I picked up a few of them from NCIX as open box sales for
    Yeah it's weird why one card is able to support voltage control under linux and the other one isn't..
    Pure driver related..

    Anyhow, if you do an AIDA64 video register dump, you'll be able to see what amount of voltage DPM7 needs.
    In other words, when your card is being fully used.

    I use that almost always as a reference when editing rom. :)
    bitcanuck said:

    Today I got a Sapphire Tri-X R9 290. They're a beast of a card with 2 8-pin power connectors (won't boot up with 6-pin), and it's physically the biggest card I have. With the R9 290, I find I get ~5% better hashrate with Claymore instead of Genoil's miner (with R9 380s, it's almost identical). At the stock 1/1.3G clocks, I was getting 28.3Mhs, and OC to 1125 I'm getting 31.8Mhs. Only running for under 1hr at 1125, so can't say if it is stable yet.

    Awesome cards! I've got 2 of those (but the ones with 8GB mem.

    You can easily crank those babies up to over 1200 core clock.
    But that 1125 will remain stable for weeks! i'm running mine at 1150 :) (memclock as well :p)

    Trust me, 1125 will remain stable, no worries about that!

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    Hey @bitcanuck

    i've had that problem in the past as well.

    What i do then, i hook up 1 gpu, install driver, if it fails, i know it's the riser, if it's ok, perfect, shut down, hook up the next one, windows will auto install that driver, if it gives you a blue screen, again, riser, if it's ok, next card.. i know it's a shitty job but you'll be 100% sure where the issue is!

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    Can I complain about the sorting? When I sort something numerical (the speed column is the one that I noticed), it sorts by first # of the value versus sorting in an ascending order.

    So instead of going from 0-100000 it goes 0.12 to 1100 to 2 to 27 to 3.5 to 40 - etc. Which makes it tougher to really search
  • HelioxHeliox Member, Moderator Posts: 634 mod
    You may definitely complain :) no worries!

    I know about this issue.

    I desperately need to find some time to fix all of the small problems..

    Or if someone is willing to help and has got some more time than i do.. please.. :)

  • HelioxHeliox Member, Moderator Posts: 634 mod

    Mmm true, i know it sometimes fails while installing drivers.

    But i never had this problem on a completely fresh OS install..
    I mostly had this on a system where i already had some previous drivers installed or any other third party software.

    I just hook them up 1 by one and it solves the issue :)
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