Bank Send (BSE)

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Bank Send (BSE)

Ron /Everyone I suggested to invest in virtual coins fears
Ron/ I asked why
Ely/ because the currency is not stable
Ron/no risk if you do not win
Ely/Well yes yes yes I do not trust virtual money .

Idea Bank Send (BSE)

How about if it were a physical bank in UE /USA/RU
Ethereum using to send money Currency exchange in real time EURO /USD.......
Transaction was made on network ethereum
1 EURO-1 ETH stable euro exchange rate
1 $-1 ETH stable $ exchange rate

(1 ETH stabile 1 ETH instability increases decreases ethereum can win big money)

Ethereum is a network that can fulfill this dream be financed and programmer
Ethereum or a wallet that has a menu where you can save money at the rate stable EURO / USD 1.50 -150 ETH personal savings account

Ethereum stable new currency exchange office in each country
Network that uses ethereum
Ethereum can be divided into several subdomains exchange

Efter people will trust and experience ethereum
Use ethereum true ethereum fluctuating price

The Bank Send (BSE) may benefit from instability increases decreases ethereum can win big money

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