General questions about Ethereum. Expectations, ideas, suggestions

Hi. I am quite new to this decentralized concept of internet, so I would like to ask some questions. Some of them had definitely been asked before, but some of them not so I would like to have it all on one place. Also I would like to learn through this how the whole thing works and maybe to suggest some features it could have. Please be aware that I am not a developer so I really don't know much about how this works.

This post is meant to everybody - developers and basic users like me. I would like to see facts and even expectations, so I can make a better understanding about this whole thing and about community surrounding it.

First I would like to ask development team or anybody who might know this - how big is your team? When do you expect this whole thing to be released?

Will the whole think be encrypted? Like nobody will know who comes to which pages (or apps)? Or maybe even that nobody will know where are the pages (or apps) stored? Will other users know which pages or apps I use? Which transactions I did? etc.

Will there be implemented any self-cleaning mechanism? Like when some app or page hadn't been used in long time, it will for example ask for some money to let it run and if not payed, it will automatically delete itself?

Talking about this, how will the apps be kept running? There will be possibility to let it run on decentralized nodes of other users for some money I guess, but what if I want to run it just on my node? Will there be such possibility? And if so, what will prevent other people to make another big, centralized thing like facebook?

Will there be possibility to give some apps power and space for free. If somebody make some really good app and I would like to run it on my node for free, finance its run with my own money? I understant that I will make my node vulnerable if other people will know that I voluntarily support some app or page, so it might be good that other people won't know which apps I support this way.. I guess.

This is principle that work on torrent - files are stored voluntarily and for free there, so possibility of this for apps would be awesome I think.

I guess that informations will be for security reasons stored on multiple places. For the sake of speed of the most popular apps, will they be stored on more places, than less popular ones?

On safecoins forum I read that working with apps on Ethereum, you will always need to contact every node of network, while on safe network this don't have to be done. Isn't that potentional problem for speed of network?

Is somehow resolved consensus? So there can't happen what happened to bitcoin? (not being able to rise block size)

Are there any borders this network couldn't overcome? Or could it do the most hardcore things? Like host multiplayer game of Battlefield 4 hosted on network?

Do you expect it to do be like one app, like browser, or more like multiple apps that will comunicate with this network?

Thanks for any answer!

(I posted similar set of questions on Safe network forum)
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