Equity Crowdfunding Portal for artists. FINRA member and working on SEC certification.

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Hi all! I'm working on an equity crowdfunding portal that will provide artists with a new way to fund their projects. Last year the SEC past new guidelines on how crowdfunding will work. For years people have been lobbying for the rules to change and allow for the small guy to get shares in companies so you no longer had to be an accredited investor. I've been tracking it, and have been filling out the paperwork as it's been coming out. I just reserved our membership in FINRA (SEC required) and will have all the paperwork ready to be mailed in on January 29th 2016 when the SEC is taking applications for new crowdfunding portal. I have been building an audience at my website and other social media outlets and have been working on this project for awhile. I'm gonna power the whole thing with Ethereum, allowing people to buy securities or to put it in our terms tokens, in projects or artists. I'm probably just gonna fork/use Weifund and use their system and then build services on top of it for all our users. I'm hoping to connect Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn account profiles (since they are already partially verified) to create profiles on our page. It will then be catered to the artists to get their project done on a timely manner, by services that we build off the new platform. There are a lot of SEC requirements that can be built into the system that will keep our costs WAY lower than other crowdfunding platforms simply because it will be built on top of Ethereum. I'm gonna need help with profile creation on the website along with creating a nice UI that will meet all SEC requirements, along with helping artists get it up and making sure we report all the data to the investors. I'm also gonna need Ethereum devs to start building the way securities will be bought and held on our platform along with working on reporting data to investors that will be SEC required. There is a lot to do and am really looking forward to hearing from serious people about this. There are a lot of other things in the mix here, but I don't want to go into that on an open forum but if you have any questions PLEASE ask, I would love to start a conversation.



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    I have pmed you as I feel I can help you.

    This can be split up into mainly two teams and two types of developers.

    First team can start off without ethereum experience, build the front end according to your requirements. Naturally you need UIX experts that will help create a stunning experience. Reason being that this will be used by artist so no average app will attract such audience. It has to be very good looking whilst keeping up with standards.

    The second team must be ethereum experts who can design contracts for you. By team I mean one or two developers max. You can either design one kind of contract and use it for all your crowdsourcing projects or else offer a series of contracts that artists can choose from. If I had to be your developer, my questions would be as follows:

    1. What do you need to automate? The most obvious process that you can automate is campaign token allocation. Once a campaign has reached its goal, tokens are sent to those who contributed towards that campaign. But how would you like to collect funds? Crypto?

    2. If you will stick to crypto currencies only, then do you want to offer return on investment on the collected funds?

    3. Will there be any deadlines related to return on investment?

    4. more....

    Once you have the flow designed, then it is a matter of designing smart contracts, deploy them on test networks, deploy them on live systems.

    Get in touch for more brainstorming...
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