How can I make transfer via ICAP method pls?

Not sure if this is the correct place to put this topic.

I am new to ETH and never came across this new method of transferring coins.
One of the exchange I use employs this method for deposit and I got my IBAN from the exchange
According to the website instruction that I have to put code in console as:

var to = 'My IBAN';
var from = eth.accounts[0];
var volumn = web3.toWei('AMOUNT', 'ether');
eth.sendIBANTransaction(from, to, volumn);

I understand that I have to replace My IBAN and AMOUNT with actual values, so this is not the problem.

I got two versions geth, the first one I am not sure if its develop branch or main branch, but I run
it comes with "0xa1a111bc074c9cfa781f0c38e63bd51c91b8af00" so I guess it's the right version to use, or is it?

so I attempted last night with 0.001 transfer, I tried to type var to ='My IBAN'; hit enter it returns undefined
I then copy all commands and save it as a .js file and use loadScript() to run the .js,
console will ask me to unlock my account and it will return true and a Tx
I can check this transaction out of my wallet, but the amount never shows up in my exchange account.

this morning I tried another 0.01, and still nothing shows up till now

then I downloaded geth 1.4.0 and this time I couldn't run web3.eth.ibanNamereg.address, but I am sure I downloaded from Go develop branch/

and I also tried the .js file method, also got true and return a Tx, but still nothing shows up till now......

advice is really appreciated

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