need help deploying serpent contract

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Im trying to deploy contract built in serpent on what i would surmise would be a "private chain" (on the SOILcoin blockchain)
this is to set up a ported version of the EtherEx platform. trying to deploy via pyepm EtherEx.yaml leads to a constant error:

raise ApiException(response['error']['code'], response['error']['message'])
pyepm.api.ApiException: code=-32603, message="could not unlock signer account"

ive adjusted the parameters in to have my SOILcoin address as the deploying address... ive opened up our version of geth with a bat file:

gsoil --unlock 0 --rpc --rpcaddr="localhost" --rpcport="8545" --rpccorsdomain="*"

ive got no problem compiling into bytecode with serpent, but im having problems in finding out how to DEPLOY the contract code onto the blockchain. most of the online or DAPP development framework tools are solidity specific, and alethzero consistently crashes, and doesnt compile the code. online tutorials for deploying via the JS-cli are very obtuse, and despite several days of searching im getting absolutely nowhere.

EDIT: solved. lots of coffee was involved.

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