Sending Ether


i have a contract with simple method where in i am sending ether to beneficiary
function sendEther(address beneficiary, uint amount) { beneficiary.send(amount); }

contract.sendEther.sendTransaction(0x88e3c0573be2e0d25dc720eb192955998adf5111,500000000000000000, {from:web3.eth.accounts[0],gas:900000})

I can see the transaction address.

I dont see the amount transferred.Balance of each account is still intact. I have the enough balance in accounts. i can see gas amount getting deducted. but i cant see amount debit and credit in accounts. Am I missing something. thanks for your help.

Even in the examples available online to send ether

contract Coin {
address minter;
mapping (address => uint) balances;

event Send(address from, address to, uint value);

function Coin() {
minter = msg.sender;
function mint(address owner, uint amount) {
if (msg.sender != minter) return;
balances[owner] += amount;
function send(address receiver, uint amount) {
if (balances[msg.sender] < amount) return;
balances[msg.sender] -= amount;
balances[receiver] += amount;
Send(msg.sender, receiver, amount);
function queryBalance(address addr) constant returns (uint balance) {
return balances[addr];

I don't see amount deducted from actual address. you are maintaining balances within the contract and not the address actual balance.
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