Geth not syncing


I downloaded and installed the latest version of geth following the instructions given in the official Ethereum Frontier guide. Then when I issued the geth command, it started the IPC server. However, it does not seem to sync the blockchain and it seems stuck. Its current state can be seen in the attached screenshot. I kept it running for more than an hour without any progress. Any idea how to resolve the problem?

Thanks in advance.


  • darkdancerdarkdancer Member Posts: 2
    I just had the exact same issue. check the system's time and see if it is off.
  • ripulripul Member Posts: 9
    @darkdancer , thanks for your comment. I checked the system with the date command. It seems to be okay. I also installed the ntpd service and and used this command "ntpdate -s" to sync the system time with the ubuntu server. It still did not resolve the issue. What steps did you follow? Thanks.
  • AlmindorAlmindor Member Posts: 24
    Got the same issue. I tried older versions of geth too to be sure but the same thing happens. Didn't try eth or others yet.
  • AlmindorAlmindor Member Posts: 24
    I'm still not syncing, tried both eth and geth. The "starting block synchronization" message never pops up.

    I tried it on an external linode server and it works so I think it's either my router (which worked up until this point!) or Telus. Are you maybe on Telus as ISP? I'm going to test if I can get in through 30303 and 30301 ports to my computer.

    I think telus might be blocking the ports.
  • ripulripul Member Posts: 9
    In my case, geth still cannot sync. However, eth and alethzero both synced the blockchain. I was also able to mine using AlethZero as well as using ethminer with eth. Hence, I switched to eth and AlethZero for all Ethereum activities.
  • AlmindorAlmindor Member Posts: 24
    It turns out that in my case the uPNP/router port forwarding was messed up. I noticed this when switching to verbosity "5" and seeing uPNP errors 500 internal server error responses.

    Turns out the router had a bunch of odd 30303 -> funny internal port mappings before the 30303->30303 ones. Once I delete them all it worked again.
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