Decentralized Free Lotto in the Trustless Crowdsale?

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Decentralized Free Lotto in the Trustless Crowdsale?

Decentralized Free Lotto is same as periodical distribution to a random few (within your community) a certain attractive amount of your coins - is it not?

How would I implement this into my trustless crowdsale? Importantly, how my winners could exchange my coins for ethers?

Would it be also possible to ad an incentive to my supporters via payment for Bringing-In-Friends, i.e. the new adopter would be asked who recommended her and then both of them would be rewarded with same amount of coins.

For those who read my post asking for brainstorming on my project:

Of course my aim is to create interest and a team but even more so I would like those who could potentially be interested, truly grasp the broad-area of opportunity: - superimposing of 3d conversation allows for immediate transfer of multitude of human opinions on a selected subject, the 3d window-like conversation allows for a unique and personal use of instructional text, learning new languages becomes easy and with side benefits, and also there is much room for other innovations. And, as with any new conversing method, cognition of new generations improves. Finally the DAO will be simple to organize in spite of the far reaching effects.
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