getStorageAt help

FlanaganFlanagan Member Posts: 15
I'm trying to access contract storage using getStorageAt but not having much luck.

The contract code is
The address is 0x3589d05a1ec4af9f65b0e5554e645707775ee43c

The mapping is at position 2, the uint key is 'nodescan' or 0x6e6f64657363616e
You can see the storage here: (search for 0x6e6f64657363616e)

I've tried all sorts of variation of:
web3.sha3("0x0000000000000000000000000000000200000000000000006e6f64657363616e", {"encoding":"hex"})

And I can't get a matching hash of 0xe1b4ba2d1dc9cce69371a53bbbc857dfd61627e723da8be92057943a34a91e..

I feel like I am close, but cant figure it out. Any tips?
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