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January 1st 2016 HAPPY NEW YEAR!

As of this writing Ethereum is still "the frontier" but I believe it will soon become the "promise land". My first contract with the blockchain was to create twenty one million menschCoin tokens with the dream that one day they might actually be worth enough to actually pay to adopt a dog or cat from my local pet rescue agency that I work with. My next step is to create a crowdsource event to raise 100,000 ETHER in 2016 to provide financial assistance to as many organizations, worldwide, as is collectively possible.
I'm not a total noob to Linux, but still very new to html, CSS, and Javascript. Face it, we are all new to Ethereum. I need help to clean up my code, add more features, and maximize the potential on the EVM, and eventually work out the details of how to implement a voting system that will allow the donors to decide where ALL the proceeds will be spent worldwide. I'm going to need help!
I'm reaching out to any and all interested parties to help get this done. Let's start a dialogue here on the Ethereum forums and/or Github where I am known as DrSluice. Please answer my sometimes foolish questions or message me if you would enjoy collaborating newbiestyle and beyond. Let's build this together. THANK YOU!
menschCoin is a registered Ethereum token soon to be a crowdsource event...where you can:
Help rescue dogs and cats, and in return receive menschCoin simply for contributing. Help us meet our goal of raising 100,000 ETHER in 2016. Together we can rescue, shelter, transport, feed, provide veterinary care, locate transitional foster care, and find stable forever homes for these loving creatures, accross the globe. Please donate. 100% of all proceeds will be used to help animals. So...Hire the blockchain. Donate some Ether. Help rescue some animals. Be a mensch. It's just that simple. Love is simple. And don't forget to use your menschCoin to acknowledge others around the world doing great things in service to us all. Spend it forward. Have fun. menschCoin is Fungible!

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