"block gas limit reached"

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while following the Ratings tutorial at https://github.com/ethereum/wiki/wiki/Mix:-The-DApp-IDE

I get the message in red 'block gas limit reached'.

I've set the transaction cost to 0 gas and still says the same message.

is there a more updated tutorial or anyway I can get some help? Really would like to see this example work
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  • YannYann Member Posts: 40
    which version of Mix are you using? could you try to pull from the develop branch
  • DanGuptaDanGupta NJ USAMember Posts: 5
    Getting the same issue even after updating to develop branch on my Mac OS X 10.11.2. Used all default values when creating Initial contract transaction. Also when doing "Transact with contract" txt used default values for Contract Amount and Transaction Fees. Keep getting "Block gas limit reached". Following every step exactly per mix tutorial. Is there a bug or step that I'm missing? Appreciate any help!
  • vancouvervancouver Member Posts: 26
    @DanGupta exactly my issue looks like I don't need to bother compiling devel
  • YannYann Member Posts: 40
    sorry for the late answer. @DanGupta could you send the contract code?
  • DjocOBFa4bAm9lDjocOBFa4bAm9l Member Posts: 6
    Yes i get the same error. I would suggest against using Mix as it is very very buggy and pretty much unusable.( on Mac OS at least ). You should try using Cosmo or something similar it's much much better. It just makes testing a little bit more complex but hopefully one day mix will be usable and bug / crash free cause scenarios are good otherwise.

    If you really want to Fix the issue ( until it comes back ). You need to Close mix , create a new project, copy past your code again and remake the transaction.
    It's often happening when you're working on a contract in the Mix ide ( very very bad idea btw you are at risk of losing everything any second) , you close it , work on it again but somehow the chain doesn't update and something happens between new version old version of the same contract.

    Also. Check you different scenario. Often the same contract will work in one scenario but throw the error in another.( until it breaks on all for some weird reason)
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