[Win] Eth gets stuck?

SEnergySEnergy Member Posts: 5
following the getting started (https://gavofyork.gitbooks.io/turboethereum/content/getting_started.html)

I got this

it's been like that for about 10 minutes and I can't do anything in the console, why ? what's going on? (ignore the wrong password thing, it was correct the first time, just my keyboard likes to ignore some keystrokes :D)


  • SEnergySEnergy Member Posts: 5
    okay, after a while it started syncing, however there's a huge, caps-locked "SLOW IMPORT" with the ID of the block... is that okay? also I still can't write anything in the console (e.g. web3.admin.setVerbosity), how do I fix that? I'm too lazy to boot up linux atm as I have some other work to do soon, so I have to stay at win for now
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